ESX SX-1224

Die Cast Aluminum Basket with Diamond Cut Edges
Double Stack 180 oz. High Grade Ferrite Magnet
Die Cast Aluminum Motor Cover with Diamond Cut Edges
Stamped Aluminum Cone with FEA Reinforced Structure
1” Tall Roll Santoprene Rubber Surround
Poly-Cotton Spider with Woven Lead Wire
3” Voice Coil on Reinforced Aluminum Former

Μέγεθος: 12″ (30cm)
Power (RMS): 750W
Power (Music): 1500W
Αντίσταση (Ohm): 4+4
Ευαισθησία: 87dB
Fs: 30 Hz
Qts: 0,47
Vas: 37lt
Διάμετρος Τρύπας: 280mm
Βάθος Μεγαφώνου: 168mm
Box Sealed: 30 lt
Box Vented: 45 lt Port = 10 x 22 cm
Box Vented SPL: 60 lt Port = 10 x 20 cm